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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning Time

Is anyone else as big of a pig about the garage during the winter as me? Most of the year I keep it pretty much under control. It gets a bit messy here and there after projects and sometimes that takes me a little time to put back right. However, in the winter, I hate cold! I'm a total wimp if its below 55.

My general m.o. is to run out to my garage and toss stuff someplace, anyplace, so long as it's not going to get run over by my car or make my husband trip over it and scream at me. I have no desire to spend any time in the garage and I cringe every time someone opens the garage door for fear a passer-by will see in. In the summer I leave the doors wide open while I'm working outside. Gotta keep that crap picked up!

Spring has been so strange around SE Michigan this year. It comes in fits and starts with cold spells that rival the dead of winter! Most years I have the beginnings of my vegetable garden out and the yard mostly cleaned up by now. This year... not so much.

I did manage to overseed my front yard last week on a nice day. Hope nothing germinated yet, since it has been SNOWING for the last two days. I also cleaned out the perennials, and raked a little around the deck making it look clean for spring. Still a lot to do there.

Today I went in the horrible garage; I had to pick my way through and got my hair snagged in a rake, tripped over a pile of bubble wrap and managed to knock over all the bikes. That was about two feet in the door! So, what did I come in here for? [sigh].

Long story short, the garage is... clean(ish). Whew!... I might just want to go out there and do stuff now!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Lesson Learned

I did a bit of poking around in my perennials this weekend and I learned a few things I will share with you.

1) the electric fence I installed around the deck to keep critters out is in fact working.

2) It is in fact "safe" to get shocked by said electric fence. (as in, it won't kill you or anything bad).

3) Just like the direction booklet said, "Safe, but extremely unpleasant", is 100% accurate and I can personally attest to that extremely unpleasant part.

And one more thing-

4) When a skunk tries to go over/under the electric fence, he is caught by surprise and feels compelled to deliver his safe, but extremely unpleasant stink to our noses which lasted for days in the house!